scite ubuntu 21.04

Easy Way To Install SciTE on Ubuntu 21.04 LTS

SciTE is an easy-to-use text editor that has many features for programming. Its footprint size and functionality make it perfect for installing on any syst...

exiftool ubuntu 22.10

Easy Way To Install And Use ExifTool on Ubuntu

ExifTool is a free program for reading, modifying, and manipulating images and audio or video file formats on your computer. It has been developed by millions..

ubuntu compression

The Best compression utilities for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is considered a good distribution for beginners who usually want to learn Linux from scratch. In comparison between OS software, it is far better tha...

crunch wordlist generator

Simple Ways to Generate a Random Password on Linux Shell

Having a strong password when authenticating to a service by username and password is very important. Sometimes, you need to protect your account or server,...

fastpanel ubuntu install

A Simple way to install FastPanel in Ubuntu Linux

Fastpanel is a web-hosting control panel. It provides web-based intuitive, point-and-click interfaces for common tasks such as transferring files, installing...

photorec ubuntu linux

Easy way to recover deleted files in Ubuntu with PhotoRec

PhotoRec is an open-source software utility to recover lost or deleted media files like photos, videos, documents, etc from CD-ROMs, Hard disks, and digital...

psensors ubuntu 21 10

A easy way to install PSensors in Ubuntu

Psensor is a very useful utility for Linux-based systems that shows the values of the various sensors that are mounted on your mainboard.

adobe reader ubuntu 2022

A simple way to install Adobe acrobat reader in Ubuntu

What is adobe pdf reader? Adobe pdf is a family of application software and Web services developed by Adobe Inc. to view, create, manipulate, print and ma...

symbolic links in linux

A simple way to list Symbolic Links in Linux

A symbolic link also known as a soft link is a kind of a pointer that points to the location of a folder or a file on your system. Some of these links are ...

ssh guard ubuntu linux

A Easy Way To Install and Use SSHGuard on Ubuntu

SSHGuard is an open-source daemon that is used to enhance the security of ssh as well as other network protocols. Moreover, it is used to prevent brute force...

ubuntu nvidia version

A Simple Way To Check NVIDIA Drivers Version on Linux

The objective of this tutorial is to show how to check the NVIDIA driver version installed on your Linux system. There are few places you may have a look ...

how to delete files in linux

A simple explanation of the NAMEI command in Linux

namei interprets its arguments as pathnames to any type of Unix file (symlinks, files, directories, and so forth). namei then follows each pathname until an...