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In this interesting article you will find 10 fun facts about Linus Torvalds and the Linux Kernel.

01 – Linus was named after a Nobel prize winner – He was named after Linus Pauling, a double Nobel prize winner in Chemistry and Peace.

linus torvalds 10 fun facts

02 – Linus’s first computer was a Commodore Vic 20At the age of 10, Linus started writing programs in BASIC on his maternal grandfather’s Commodore Vic 20.

Commodore Vic 20 linus torvalds first computer

03 – Linus chose the penguin to be the logo of Linux. A picture of penguin appears on many desktop computers that run Linux.

linux logo by linus torvalds

04 – Steve Jobs offered Linus Torvalds a job in 2000, on the condition that he stops the development on Linux kernel. Linus (thankfully) he declined.

Steve jobs hires Linus Torvalds

05 – Linux created the Linux kernel because he didn’t have enough money for a UNIX.

linus is bankrupted

06 – The Linux kernel is by far the most active open source project on Earth. Its accepts an average of 200 patches each day.

linus open source power

07 – Microsoft,  the company who famously tried to “terminate” the project in the late 90s and early 00s now leverages Linux in its server business

microsoft destroy linux

08 – Huawei, Intel, Google, Red Hat, Facebook, Canonical and Samsung are among the top contributors to Linux kernel development in recent years.

power by google

09 – Every time a kernel is released, it is given a codename.

linus and linux code name

10 – Almost All super computers run Linux.

linux super computers


In this article we checked ten fun facts about Linus Torvalds.

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