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Not everything in Linux is serious, fortunately we can find fun programs created for the sole purpose of entertaining us. You may be wondering why? Well, because we are human and at the end of the day we need a little variety, laughter and maybe a drink on the train. And yes, speaking of the train, let’s introduce you to the first fun command-type application in Linux.

1. Command: sl (Steam Locomotive)

The train command is based on one of the most famous commands in Linux, namely ls only inverted sl. If you accidentally, without wanting to, confuse the command you will get a fun train that passes through the screen.

# Ubuntu \ Debian install apt-get install sl # Red Hat install yum -y install sl # FreeBSD install pkg install sl
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sl command in linux

2. Command: Cowsay

Again a super interesting command that does exactly what it says. This terminal cow will say what you ask her and there is no way not to laugh from the heart.

# Ubuntu \ Debian install apt-get install cowsay # Red Hat install yum -y install cowsay # FreeBSD install pkg install cowsay
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cowsay command in linux

3. Command: toilet

We can’t miss the toilet command. Yes, you read the toilet command correctly. Although it sounds funny, with this command and different fonts in Linux you can create interesting texts.

# Ubuntu \ Debian install apt-get install toilet # Red Hat install yum -y install toilet # FreeBSD install pkg install toilet
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# Usage toilet -f mono12 -F metal lateweb.info
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4. Command: Pv

The pv command allows you to write text as in movies. In other words, the text comes out as if someone is writing it.

# Ubuntu \ Debian install apt-get install pv # Red Hat install yum -y install pv # FreeBSD install pkg install pv
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# Usage echo "Lateweb is a cool website and we all love it" | pv -qL 11
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5. Command: cmatrix

CMatrix is a simple command-line utility that shows a scrolling ‘Matrix‘ like screen in a Linux terminal.

# Ubuntu \ Debian install apt-get install cmatrix # Red Hat install yum -y install cmatrix # FreeBSD install pkg install cmatrix
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# Usage cmatrix
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