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Linux is great, there are so many interesting things in it that one can get lost and one life is not enough to learn everything. In this article, however, we will show you the commands that we all know but never use – The most boring commands in Linux. Boring? Maybe. But at some point, someone found them interesting enough to create them, so…

01 – Boring command number one – The Cal command

Few people know this, but any Unix system comes with a built-in calendar. To access it, you can simply type:

# Start calendar
Code language: PHP (php)

Having a great date command, a calendar is something we may never think of using in Linux.

cal command linux, calendar

02 – Boring command number two, the YES command

All the command does is repeat the same string indefinitely. To stop it, you must use control + c

# Start Yes
yes "lateweb.info is a great place to be"
Code language: PHP (php)
yes command in linux

Admit it, you may have never heard of the command yes, it has virtually no application in your life

03 – Third place goes to the Rev command

This command is for reversing any input (as its name suggests). When I say reverse, it means that if the input is “Lateweb.info,” the output will be “ofni.bewetaL” It’s pretty strange, I know.

# Start the rev command

# End command
control + cCode language: PHP (php)
rev command in linux

And if by now you are getting interested in who would use this command and for what, we can reassure you that the command has its applications in life. So lets continue…

04 – The Look command

The look command can be useful if you need to come up with words that start with a string. In the example below, we look for words that start with the string “stupid”.

# Start command
look stupid | head -11
Code language: PHP (php)
look stupid command in linux

You certainly don’t have to use this command, but here it is and you had forgotten about it 🙂

05 – The La command

la is just an alias of ls with just the -A option. And if you don’t type it by mistake on the keyboard, maybe you will never know about it.

# Run command
Code language: PHP (php)
la command in linux


In conclusion, we wasted your time watching commands that you will not use soon and you will forget them in five minutes, but I hope you laughed with us. 🙂

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