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In this article we are going to check out 5 very stupid programs that still come with Windows 10, that people still use even today. Some of them you may know , some of them no , starting from number 5 and going down to the most stupid thing in Windows.

05. – In Number 5 we give you Paint 3D

Many of you will say that this software is pretty cool and has no job been here but stay with me. It’s included in Windows 10 with every installation, but the last release of the product was in  April 5, 2017; 4 years ago (almost 5).

That means that even Microsoft don’t update it any more and by far as we know almost no one uses it, so we give it fifth place of stupid Windows programs that come still with windows 10.

Windows 10 Paint 3D Software in 2021
Windows 10 Paint 3D Software in 2021

04. – In Number Four we give you Windows Magnifier….

So what is the deal with magnifier? Well it’s a cool app and it’s a good idea. Even we at LateWeb.info think that every windows has to have a built in magnifier but… here comes the stupid bit.

The design of the built in app is so poor and the way you need to have nerves of steel to use it makes it one of the most hated and joked in internet Windows app.

Using Windows 10 Magnifier in 2021
Using Windows 10 Magnifier in 2021

03. – In third place is the Steps Recorder…

The steps recorder was designed to let you easily record the exact steps that led to a problem on your computer, which can help someone else troubleshoot the problem remotely. But have you ever tried it?

If no, don’t even bother it’s so stupid and useless that after the third tri you will give it a third place for stupidity.

Using Steps Recorder in Windows 10
Using Steps Recorder in Windows 10

02. – Now ladies and gentle men in second place we give you the 3D Windows Folder

Okay now this is one of the most stupid things in Windows 10. Almost 99.99% of the Windows users will never save anything in this folder but it is created with every user profile.

We don’t know about you, but we are sick of seeing the 3D Objects folder under This PC in File Explorer. How many Windows 10 users actually use this folder? Is it really that important?

The stupid Windows 3D Objects folder
The stupid Windows 3D Objects folder

01. – And in first place, yes you have guessed it right WINDOWS INTERNET EXPLORER

Now we know that in the beginning Internet Explorer had it’s benefits but we are in 2021 even Microsoft Edge was changed with a new one based on Chromium.

There are even jokes for Internet Explorer that it’s the best tool to downlead Firefox with it… and it’s still there in every new Windows 10 installation, now that is very, very stupid!

If a person needs it okay! Let it be available for download and install but why the hell it has to be installed in every new installation? why…. ah yes and it opens new pages like s*it…

Internet Explorer in Windows 10 in 2021...
Internet Explorer in Windows 10 in 2021…

We are interested in what you thing about this five Windows 10 applications and do you thing that they are stupid, especially in 2021? Tell us at the comments bellow.

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