5 Funny Commands you can use in Linux and the Terminal

5 Funny Commands to use in Linux and Terminal

Views: 1,375 Not everything in Linux is serious, fortunately we can find fun programs created for the sole purpose of entertaining us. You may be wondering why? Well, because we are human and at the end of the day we need a little variety, laughter and maybe a drink on the train. And yes, speaking […]

Three Linux Commands You Should Never Use

Three Linux Commands You Should Never Use

Views: 1,036 In this article we are going to cover three commands you should know, but you should never use. Yes Linux is a great tool and gives you great power, but with that great power comes great responsibility. So without further ado lets start. 01 – The Fork Bomb :(){ :|:& };: A fork […]

5 linux commands every user should know

5 Linux Commands Every Linux User Should Know

Views: 2,601 In this article, we will show you a few commands that every Linux administrator should know and use to make their lives easier. Many people think that the graphical environment is the easiest way to use Linux, but this is not the case. The easiest way is to work with the terminal and […]

Top 3 Linux Server Operating Systems in 2021

Top 3 Linux Server Operating Systems in 2021

Views: 1,206 Introduction In this article we will look at several Linux distributions, which are an excellent choice if we want to use them as servers. We chose them precisely because they have an excellent level of security, regular patch maintenance and updates, and huge communities. In addition, there are thousands of tutorials on the […]

10 reasons to change windows 10 to linux


Views: 1,294 Windows 10 has been around for a long time, but not everyone likes it. On the other hand, support for Windows 7 ended in early 2020, and users must either upgrade to a new version or look for an alternative. For such cases, there are a huge number of free Linux distributions that […]

debian vs arch linux


Views: 1,526 COMPARISON OF DEBIAN VS ARCH LINUX Debian and Arch Linux are what many distributions are based on. But what are they and what are their main differences? Can they be used as an operating system for a server or home computer? In their development, they hold radically different views. Debian is the main […]

how to use tail ubuntu linux

How to use the tail command in Ubuntu Linux

Views: 1,748 About the tail command Everyone knows about the cat command alternative to the tail command , which is used to view the contents of files. But in some cases you don’t need to look at the whole file, sometimes it’s enough to look only at the end of the file. For example, when […]


How to Install VLC Media Player on Ubuntu / Debian Linux

Views: 1,530 About VLC VLC media player is a free, open source multimedia player developed by the non-profit organization VideoLAN. VLC supports almost all known media formats for video and audio, DVD and Video CD. The program offers video streaming from remote computers and servers without loss of quality. For more details about VLC Media […]

ubuntu change hostname

How to change the hostname in Ubuntu Linux

Views: 1,069 In this tutorial we will learn how to change the hostname of our ubuntu distribution What is a hostname? On a computer network, the host name is a label that is assigned to a device connected to a computer network and that is used to identify the device in various forms of electronic […]

How To Set Up a Firewall with UFW

How To Set Up a Firewall with UFW in Ubuntu \ Debian

Views: 2,238 Introduction The Linux kernel includes the Netfilter subsystem, which is used to manipulate or decide the fate of network traffic headed into or through your server. All modern Linux firewall solutions use this system for packet filtering. UFW – Uncomplicated Firewall The default firewall configuration tool for Ubuntu is UFW. Developed to ease iptables firewall […]

configure static ip ubuntu

Ubuntu How To Set A Static IP Via Terminal And GUI

Views: 6,755 Why do we have to set a static IP address on our Ubuntu \ Debian Linux? The default IP address of your computer – whatever it is, is probably “dynamic”. This is mostly convenient, as network administrators do not have to go through the hassle of creating individual IP addresses for each computer […]

run cron truenas

How To Set A Cron Job In TrueNAS

Views: 900 TrueNAS allows users to run specific commands or scripts on a regular schedule using cron. This can be helpful for running repetitive tasks. We hope you enjoyed this article on. If that is so please rate this page with the stars bellow and subscribe to our YouTube channel.