How To Change OpenLiteSpeed Port 8088 To 80 In Ubuntu 20.10

How To Change OpenLiteSpeed Port 8088 To 80 In Ubuntu 20.10

Views: 725 Simple video to change default OpenLiteSpeedport 8088 to 80 🙂

how to delete files in linux

How To change WordPress site address in phpmyadmin using SQL

Views: 280 Go to PhpMyAdmin, go in you table name and in the sql box type:

install openlitespeed php mariadb

How To Install the OpenLiteSpeed Web Server PHP and MariaDB on Ubuntu 20.10

OpenLiteSpeed has some useful features that make it a solid choice for many installations: it features Apache, PHP and MariaDB, WEB PANEL and more...

install virtualbox ubuntu

How to Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu

Views: 273 In this simple video tutorial we are going to install VirtualBox in two fast steps! VirtualBox Website

install and remove .deb in ubuntu

Two Ways How To Install Deb Files on Ubuntu [& How to Remove Them Later]

Views: 289 This is going to be a beginners tutorial about installing and uninstalling .deb files in Ubuntu linux. We are going to cover only the basics for simplicity and run the commands in the simplest way possible. The first ways using DPKG For removing The second way is to use APT For removing Here […]

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How To Install And Uninstall Spotify In Ubuntu

Views: 1,272 In this 60 second tutorial We are going to install and uninstall Spotify. What is spotify? Spotify Technology S.A is a Luxembourg-based holding company who owns Spotify AB , a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider, founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek. Spotify is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in 17 […]

windows to linux rdp

How to Remote Desktop From Windows To Linux Desktop Using XRDP

Views: 427 Introduction Do you use Windows and Linux? Can you remotely manage Windows from Linux (Ubuntu or another distribution) or Linux from Windows? Sure you can. Similar to how Remote Desktop Connection is used between Microsoft platforms (or remote control between Linux machines), it is also possible to control the desktop from different platforms. […]

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How To Install XAMPP Plugins In Ubuntu Linux (Installing WordPress Plugin)

Views: 628 What is XAMPP In Linux? XAMPP is the most popular PHP development environment. XAMPP is a completely free, easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. The XAMPP open source package has been set up to be incredibly easy to install and to use. What is WordPress? WordPress is the world’s […]

How to install XAMPP in Ubuntu \ Lubuntu Linux

How to install XAMPP in Ubuntu \ Lubuntu Linux

Views: 937 This is a simple tutorial on how to install XAMPP on our Linux machine. XAMPP is the most popular PHP development environment. XAMPP is a completely free, easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. Website to download XAMPP Commands: A simple video on how to install: We hope you enjoyed this article. if that […]

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How To Create a Startup Script using Crontab in Lubuntu Linux

Views: 2,514 Why do we need to create Startup Script to run after the operating system starts? If you have a home server, or maybe even just a Linux desktop, and you run the same fine-tuning commands each time you restart, running scripts automatically can make your life easier. The main reasons are that there […]

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How To Install and Configure Putty SSH Client on Linux Desktop

Views: 1,218 Security is becoming an ever-bigger issue as the world continues to increase its reliance upon digital information. Remote access to information is in higher demand as telecommuting increases. It’s also very convenient to be able to manage your network from home, especially when your pager alerts you that mail is down at 3 […]

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How to connect to remote Windows machine from Lubuntu linux using Remmina

Views: 1,459 What is Remmina? Remmina is a remote desktop client for computer operating systems. It supports the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), VNC, NX, XDMCP, SPICE and SSH protocols. Why use Remmina? Remmina is an easy, extremely convenient and widely used client for access to remote machines.Undoubtedly, as administrators we have to constantly change our […]