fwbackups ubuntu linux

A Great Way To Backup Your Data in Ubuntu Linux

Feature-rich user backup tool that allows you to backup your essential documents anytime, anyplace using a simple, powerful interface with support for sche...

iostat ubuntu linux

A simple way to understand the IOStat command

The iostat command in Linux allows users to monitor system i/o statistics on the device. It is based on how long the devices are operating at the average ...

Temporarily Folder ubuntu

How To Make A Temporarily Folder In Ubuntu Using MKTemp

Temporary files are used to temporarily store data that the operating system needs temporarily during operation and will disappear when no longer needed...

anaconda ubuntu

Easy Way To Install And Use Anaconda on Ubuntu

What is Anaconda? In simple terms, Anaconda is an open-source package and environment manager that houses thousands of predictive analysis, machine learni...

combine files linux

Easy Way To Merge Files With The Cat Command

A file is a data storage resource in a computer that is mainly recognized by its filename. Sometimes we need the scattered data of two or more than two files...

How to check the speed of your ssh connection

Easy Way To Check The SSH Speed Test

How to check the speed of your ssh connection Have you ever wondered what is the speed of your ssh connection. For example you are connected to a server ...

easy git install

A Easy Way How To Install GIT ( Complete Guide )

Git is the most commonly used and popular distributed version control platform that is used by many commercial and open-source projects.

screenshot tools linux

How to Install and Use Ubuntu Linux Screenshot Tools

Nowadays most OS built in screenshot tools which lets you take the screenshot of your device’s entire screen. If you are content writer or tech enthusiastic ...

restart reboot ubuntu

Simple Ways To Restart Your Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is one of the best Linux distros currently available. This Linux distro was designed for personal computers (PC), it can also be deployed on servers

easy mysql install ubuntu

A Easy Way To Install MySQL on Ubuntu Linux

MySQL is an Oracle-developed relational database management system (RDBMS) focused on structured query language (SQL). Databases consist of collections of ...

TeamSpeak Ubuntu Install

A Easy Way To Install TeamSpeak On Ubuntu Linux

Its main idea is to allow people to communicate on a channel, similar to other conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc...

forti vpn

A Easy Way To Install FortiClient VPN [ Quick Tip ]

What is FortiClient VPN? FortiClient uses SSL and IPSec VPN to provide its customers with safe, efficient, reliable, and fast access to corporate networks ...