Easy Install Konversation On Ubuntu Linux Via The Terminal

Konversation is a user-friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client which provides easy access to standard IRC networks such as Libera, where the KDE IRC chan...

eDEX-UI Terminal 2.2.7

eDEX-UI Terminal Emulator on Ubuntu 21.10 [ Easy Install ]

eDEX-UI Terminal is a fullscreen, cross-platform terminal emulator and system monitor that looks and feels like a sci-fi computer interface.

windows 11 vs Linux

Why Is Linux So Bad And Window 11 Better In Every Single Way?

When we talk about different operating systems that are totally different from each other, but are used by the whole planet, we must understand that compar..

ubuntu 21.10 video tutorial

Easy VMware Ubuntu 21.10 Install ( Video )

This is going to be a quick and easy video tutorial on how to install Ubuntu 21.04 using the VMware Workstation virtualization system.

wine 7.0

How to Install Wine 7.0 in Ubuntu

Views: 687 1. Enable 32 bit architecture For modern 64-bit systems, you may first make sure the ability to install 32-bit app packages has been enabled. To do so, press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open terminal. When it opens, run command: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 2. Install the key: To make your system trust the package from […]

How To Tune UP NGINX For the Upcoming 2022 ?

Nginx is a free open source high performing and lightweight web server that is used as the load balancer, reverse proxy, HTTP cache, and mail proxy...

10 Very Stupid Linux Ideas

Views: 1,037 About the Linux stupid ideas: If you are reading this page then you are like all of us a Linux fan, also you are using the command line every day and absolutely love Linux. But even in love and marriage there are things that make you just a little bit annoyed. Here in […]

Easy Ubuntu Install GPU-Viewer GTK3 tool

Easy Ubuntu Install GPU-Viewer GTK3 easy tool

GPU-Viewer is graphical tool to show the detailed information about OpenGL, Vulkan, and/or OpenCL graphics libraries. GPU-Viewer makes it easy to check the V...

Ubuntu Install Fast File Search App ‘FSearch’ Stable [Ubuntu PPA]

How to install Fast File Search App ‘FSearch’ Stable [ PPA ]

FSearch is a free and open-source file search utility, inspired by Everything Search Engine. It’s super fast that you get instant result as you type. The app...

1 Click FeedReader RSS Reader on Ubuntu [ Easy ]

1 Click FeedReader RSS Reader on Ubuntu [ Easy ]

FeedReader is a modern desktop application designed to complement existing web-based RSS accounts. It combines all the advantages of web based services like ...

How to Open a PDF in Linux Terminal

How to Open a PDF in Linux Terminal

Evince is a document viewer for multiple document formats. The goal of evince is to replace the multiple document viewers that exist on the GNOME.

4 Examples To List all Drives (Mounted and Unmounted) on Linux

4 Examples To List all Drives (Mounted and Unmounted) on Linux

In this article we are going to show you four ways to show all drives, mounted or unmounted, on a Linux operating system.