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psensor 2011 06 16

Psensor is a very useful utility for Linux-based systems that shows the values of the various sensors that are mounted on your mainboard. It is capable of displaying the temperature of the various components of your CPU, the rotation speed of your fans as well as your CPU usage. Apart from its command-line interface, it also offers you a very nice and user-friendly graphical interface that you can easily opt to use for extracting your desired information. This article shows you how to install and use Psensor on Ubuntu 20.04

Installation and Usage of Psensor

To install and use Psensor on a Ubuntu 20.04 system, you will have to perform these steps:

Step # 1: Install Psensor and all the Other Required Packages:

First, we will install Psensor along with all the other packages that we will require while using it with the following command:

$ sudo apt install lm-sensors psensor hddtemp

The installation of all these packages will complete in a minute hence displaying the messages shown below on your screen:

Step # 2: Scan for all your System’s Sensors:

Now, you need to scan your system for all the sensors that it has so that later on, you will be able to extract useful information about them. You can do this scanning with the following command:

$ sudo sensors-detect

After executing this command, you will have to type “YES” every time you are prompted with a message. We have only shown you the very first message in the image below but you will receive around 3 to 4 such messages in which you will have to provide the very same response after which the scanning process will complete successfully.

Step # 3: Monitor the Sensor-Related Information of the Various Cores of your CPU:

Finally, we can monitor all the sensor-related information of the various cores of our CPU simply by executing the following command:

$ sensors

In our case, since we are performing this whole procedure on a Ubuntu virtual machine, so it naturally did not present us with a lot of information as you can see from the image shown below. However, if you will execute this procedure on a normal machine, then you will definitely get all the relevant sensors-related information along with the temperature of the various cores of your CPU.

How to Remove Psensor from your System?

To remove the Psensor utility from your Ubuntu system completely, you simply have to execute the following command:

$ sudo apt-get purge --autoremove lm-sensors psensor hddtemp
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This quick tutorial shed light on the installation and usage of the Psensor utility in Ubuntu. Apart from that, it also enlightened you about the removal procedure of this utility from your system at any time you want.

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