How to create MySQL replication server – Master Database10.20.6.30 – Slave Database chnage the bind address to your server real ip address uncomment at the bottom of the file add your databases now log in with root on the mysql server via terminal copy the databases to the slave server with phpmyadminin a.k. the slave If there is […]

MySQL Query where id is not equal to (WHERE id 6)

Have you ever needed a query where you search for all except one thing?Here is an example of a query where you search for all except the number 6: If you have ten users with id from one to ten , number six won’t be in the executed query.

MySQL Create a log file with last queries

How to show the last queries executed on MySQL?

You can enable a general query log for diagnostic purposes. Generally you don’t log all SELECT queries on a production server though it, it’s a performance killer.