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Diskonaut is a simple terminal disk space navigator created using Rust and supports Linux, macOS and Windows. The usage of the app is very easy, specify an absolute path in your file system, or run it in any directory you want. It will scan the directory and convert it to memory, allowing you to explore its contents. It also allows you to check space usage even during the scanning process.

When the scan is complete, you can navigate the subdirectories of interest and get a visual representation of a tree map of what consumes your disk space. diskonaut allows you to delete files and directories and as a result tracks the amount of space you have freed up in the process. It also supports keyboard shortcuts to facilitate navigation.

You can check the author website in GitHub from here.

How to install Diskonaut?

# Fedora / CentOS
sudo dnf install diskonaut
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# Arch Linux
yay diskonaut
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# FreeBSD
pkg install diskonaut
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# Ubuntu / Debian

# Sadly, there is no binary release of Diskonaut for Ubuntu or Debian.

sudo apt install curl
sudo curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh
source $HOME/.cargo/env
sudo cargo install diskonaut
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# Open Suse
sudo zypper install curl
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How to use Diskonaut?

# Scan home directory
diskonaut /home/

# Scan root directory
sudo diskonaut /

# Scan a specific directory
diskonaut /specific/directory
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# How to use
diskonaut /home/

Quick install video in FreeBSD

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