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About TeamViewer

TeamViewer is software for remote access and remote control, allowing you a remote access to other computers and devices.

It was first released in 2005 and its functionality is expanding step by step. TeamViewer is proprietary software, but does not require registration and is free for non-commercial use.

One cool thing about TeamViewer is that is available for all desktop computers and smartphones with common operating systems, like Linux, Windows, BSD, Android, Apple and etc.

Key features:

Article content:

  1. How To Install TeamViewer ?
  2. How to start TeamViewer ?
  3. How do we update TeamViewer afterwards ?
  4. How to uninstall TeamViewer ?
  5. Conclusion
  6. Easy Zoom Install (Latest Version) On Ubuntu In Terminal

How To Install TeamViewer ?

It is proprietary computer software, and it is not included in the Ubuntu repositories, so we have to install it manualy from the TeamViewer repositories :

# How to install manually TeamViewer in Ubuntu 21.04 ?
$ cd /home/your-home-dir/Downloads
$ wget https://download.teamviewer.com/download/linux/teamviewer_amd64.deb
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After the download has finished we can proceed with the installation :

# How to install manually TeamViewer in Ubuntu 21.04 ?
$ sudo apt install ./teamviewer_amd64.deb
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Now at this point the installation is complete.

How to start TeamViewer ?

After this installation you will be still in the terminal so you can start it directly by typing teamviwer in the command line or use the GUI.

# How to start TeamViwer from the terminal ?
$ teamviwer
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TeamViewer screenshot on Ubuntu 21.04 | lateweb.info
TeamViewer screenshot on Ubuntu 21.04

How do we update TeamViewer afterwards ?

In the installation process, the official TeamViewer repository will be added to your system, so updates will be included. It’s possible to check with a simple cat command:

# Check if repositories have been added
$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/teamviewer.list
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And here is the output :

# Output
deb http://linux.teamviewer.com/deb stable main
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How to uninstall TeamViewer ?

The uninstallation can be done with the Ubuntu package manager from installed applications :

Ubuntu software center remove TeamViewer | lateweb.info
Ubuntu software center remove TeamViewer


In this article we reviewed some of the features, how to install, how to remove and how to validate updates for TeamViewer on Ubuntu 21.04 Linux.

But the same installation will work on older Ubuntu releases and also other Debian based distributions.

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