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Kile LaTeX Editing Environment on Ubuntu 21.10

You can use a TeX/LaTeX editor for a variety of documents. Not just limited to scientific research, you can also add your code, start writing a book (academic/creative), or draft articles.

An interactive solution with the option for preview, and several features, should come in handy if you regularly work with LaTeX documents.

Kile is one such option by KDE, available for Linux and other platforms. In fact, it is one of the best LaTeX editors available for Linux, which we decided to highlight separately.

How To Install Kile on Ubuntu Linux?

The installation is very easy and simple and can be done with the terminal just type:

$ sudo apt install kile

Unfortunately, it does not offer a Flatpak or a Snap package. So, you will have to rely on the standard packages available from repos.

Key Features


In this simple tutorial we installed and reviewed Kile LaTeX Editing Environment and some of it’s key features. You can check other editors in this topic: 10 Best Lite Command Line Text Editors In Linux[Easy To Use]

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