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If you just need to find large files, you can use find with the -size option. The next command will list all files larger than 10MiB (not to be confused with 10MB):

find / -size +10M -ls
Code language: Bash (bash)

If you want to find files between a certain size, you can combine it with a “size lower than” search. The next command find files between 10MiB and 12MiB:

find / -size +10M -size -12M -ls

apt-cache search ‘disk usage’ lists some programs available for disk usage analysis. One application that looks very promising is gt5.

From the package description:

Years have passed and disks have become larger and larger, but even on this incredibly huge harddisk era, the space seems to disappear over time. This small and effective programs provides more convenient listing than the default du(1). It displays what has happened since last run and displays dir size and the total percentage. It is possible to navigate and ascend to directories by using cursor-keys with text based browser (links, elinks, lynx etc.)
Screenshot of gt5

On the “related packages” section of gt5, I found ncdu. From its package description:

Ncdu is a ncurses-based du viewer. It provides a fast and easy-to-use interface through famous du utility. It allows to browse through the directories and show percentages of disk usage with ncurses library.

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