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Have you ever wondered what is the speed of your ssh connection. For example you are connected to a server in Dubai but you live in London and now you want to know what is the speed if you need to scp something. Well the solution to this problem is called PV.

So how to install in debian or ubuntu?

apt install pv

And now how to check you ssh speed? (SSH SPEED TEST)

yes | pv | ssh remote_host "cat >/dev/null"Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

You will see something like this:

root@webleit:~# yes | pv | ssh remote_host "cat >/dev/null"
64.0KiB 0:00:00 [15.4MiB/s] [     <=>
Code language: PHP (php)

The PV command can be used also used to create a copy progress bar like so

pv access.log > $HOME/Documents/access.logCode language: PHP (php)

Or for creating a zip file with a progress bar like so

pv access.log | zip>$HOME/Documents/access.zipCode language: PHP (php)

And much more 🙂

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