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What is AlmaLinux?

Launched with the code-name Project Lenix, AlmaLinux OS is an open-source, community-driven project that intends to fill the gap left by the demise of the CentOS stable release. AlmaLinux OS is a 1:1 binary compatible fork of RHEL® 8 and it is built by the creators of the established CloudLinux OS.

From where can I download Alma Linux?

For free you can download it from AlmaLinux official website here.

How to instal AlmaLinux?

When booting for the first time from the CD you will se the default install screen of AlmaLinux:

What is AlmaLinux default boot screen look like?
default install menu in almalinux

Choose “Install AlmaLinux 8” and press Enter:

How to choose language to install almalinux?
choose language for installation process

Select the installation language that you prefer and press Continue

How to set user root password in almalinux?
user creation, partition creation and root password

In this windows you need to create a password for the root user and decide how to install AlmaLinux on your hard disk drive. After this setting you can continue and press Begin Installation.

How to install almalinux on hyper-v?
waiting for the installation process to finish

After the installation process has finished the Reboot System button is going to become blue, press it and the system is going to reboot.

How to reboot AlmaLinux?
rebooting almalinux

After the reboot you are going to enter as root and here is the installed os first view:

How to check almalinux version?
how to check almalinux version

Here is a quick video on how to install AlmaLinux

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