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What is SpiderFoot?

SpiderFoot is an open source intelligence (OSINT) automation tool. It integrates with just about every data source available and utilises a range of methods for data analysis, making that data easy to navigate.

SpiderFoot has an embedded web-server for providing a clean and intuitive web-based interface but can also be used completely via the command-line. It’s written in Python 3 and GPL-licensed.



SpiderFoot can be used offensively (e.g. in a red team exercise or penetration test) for reconnaissance of your target or defensively to gather information about what you or your organisation might have exposed over the Internet.

You can target the following entities in a SpiderFoot scan:


First lets update our system

sudo apt-get update -y
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Now lets install some required packages

sudo apt-get install python3 python3-pip
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Download the latest version via wget

wget https://github.com/smicallef/spiderfoot/archive/v3.3.tar.gz
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Extract the archive and install

# Extracting archive tar -xvzf v3.3.tar.gz # Enter in folder cd spiderfoot-3.3 # Install pip3 install -r requirements.txt
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Here is the help options

python3 sf.py --help
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Now lets set the user and password and start the web server

# Enter SpiderFoot folder cd spiderfoot-3.3 # Enter user and pass echo "admin:password" > passwd # Start web server python3 sf.py -l
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Now go to your borwser and type enter user and pass and you are ready to go


For a new scan go to New Scan type IP or Website and after Run Scan Now and be patient… it takes a wile …


Here Is A Video Tutorial On How To Install And A Review

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