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RawTherapee screenshot | lateweb.info
RawTherapee screenshot

RawTherapee is a powerful, cross-platform raw photo processing system, released as Free Software (GPLv3). It is designed for developing raw files from a broad range of digital cameras and targeted at users ranging from enthusiast newcomers who wish to broaden their understanding of how digital imaging works to professional photographers.

RawTherapee provides a powerful suite of tools for you to produce amazing photos and showcase your creativity.

Key features include:

You can check out the official web site from: Here

How to install RawTherapee in Ubuntu?

We are going to use apt to install RawTherapee:

sudo apt get update sudo apt install rawtherapee-data
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Unfortunately, the RawTherapee version available in Ubuntu Software Center may not always be the latest one. If you want to install the latest version in Ubuntu, you can install it via an unofficial PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway sudo apt update sudo apt install rawtherapee

Also this software is very popular so you can find it in the Ubuntu software center:

Also this software is very popular so you can find it in the Ubuntu software center: | lateweb.info


An this article we installed RawTherapee using the terminal, an alternative mirror and via the official Ubuntu software center. If you know other cool photo processing tools, please tell us in the comments bellow.

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