How to check Wi-Fi strength in Windows 10 using PowerShell

How to Measure & See WiFi Signal Strength in Numbers on Windows using PowerShell

Why to check signal with PowerShell ? When it comes to wireless internet and PowerShell, we are already used to looking at the bars on the phone display or monitor. One dash grid is weak, two dashes – things are better, three is just perfect, but what if we don’t have a graphical environment? If […]

How to check Kernel version on Linux

How to check Kernel version on Linux

Every Linux system is running a Linux kernel, which serves as the foundation for a fully packaged operating system. In this video we are going to find out what is our version of the Linux Kernel.

How To Create a Startup Script using Crontab in Lubuntu Linux

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Why do we need to create Startup Script to run after the operating system starts? If you have a home server, or maybe even just a Linux desktop, and you run the same fine-tuning commands each time you restart, running scripts automatically can make your life easier. The main reasons are that there will no […]