How to change the hostname in Ubuntu Linux

ubuntu change hostname

In this tutorial we will learn how to change the hostname of our ubuntu distribution What is a hostname? On a computer network, the host name is a label that is assigned to a device connected to a computer network and that is used to identify the device in various forms of electronic communication, such […]

Ubuntu How To Set A Static IP Via Terminal And GUI

configure static ip ubuntu

Why do we have to set a static IP address on our Ubuntu \ Debian Linux? The default IP address of your computer – whatever it is, is probably “dynamic”. This is mostly convenient, as network administrators do not have to go through the hassle of creating individual IP addresses for each computer on their […]

Two Ways How To Install Deb Files on Ubuntu [& How to Remove Them Later]

install and remove .deb in ubuntu

This is going to be a beginners tutorial about installing and uninstalling .deb files in Ubuntu linux. We are going to cover only the basics for simplicity and run the commands in the simplest way possible. The first ways using DPKG For removing The second way is to use APT For removing Here is a […]

How To Install And Uninstall Spotify In Ubuntu

install spotify linux

In this 60 second tutorial We are going to install and uninstall Spotify. What is spotify? Spotify Technology S.A is a Luxembourg-based holding company who owns Spotify AB , a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider, founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek. Spotify is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in 17 different countries […]