Findex – Fast And Easy Tool to Search Apps in Linux

ubuntu search tool

Looking for an alternative app launching tool for your Linux? Findex is one with highly customizable interface and fast performance. The app runs silently in the background. Once you hit the shortcut key, a search box pop-up in screen center allows to quickly search and open desired applications. Findex search apps The tool is super […]

CPU-X The Best Linux Alternative Of CPU-Z

For those want to check PC hardware specs in Linux, CPU-X is a good choice for user switching from Microsoft Windows. It’s a free open-source system profiling and monitoring application, that looks quite similar to CPU-Z for Windows. With it, you can check your CPU specification, vendor, codename, clocks, and L1/L2/L3 caches. It also shows […]

unlockR – Stupid Simple App to Remove PDF Password in Linux & Windows

ubuntu unlock pdf / remove pdf password

For those want to unlock / decrypt PDF files, there’s now a stupid simple graphical tool to do the job in Linux. It’s easy to encrypt you PDF files in Ubuntu Linux since the built-in LibreOffice office suite has the option on ‘Export as PDF’ dialog. However, there seems no easy way to remove password […]