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Lately, it is extremely difficult to find something quality and free. Most screen recording software is paid, complicated, and often dies just when it shouldn’t. This is where the role of ShareX comes in. It is extremely light, fast and virtually invisible. Do exactly what you need, namely uncompromising recording on your screen.

What is ShareX?

ShareX is a free and open-source screenshot and screencast utility for Microsoft Windows. It is published under the GNU General Public License. The project’s source code is hosted at the GitHub code-sharing and code development platform. It is also available on the Microsoft Store and Steam.

ShareX can be used to capture full screen or partial screenshots (PNG format), such as rectangle capture and window capture, as well as being able to record video using FFmpeg. Captured screenshots can be annotated and edited using the built-in ShareX image editor or modified using image effects and watermarks. While making a screenshot you can also blur/ pixelate things as well as draw and highlight things on the screen before making the screenshot.

Link to ShareX: https://getsharex.com

Here is a simple 60 second video on how to install and review ShareX

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